Our Vision

We are the pioneer of the lifesiences R&D services in the Levant and we aspire to be the ONE of the Middle East & Africa by 2022

Our Mission

We provide Contracted Services in the healthcare R&D sector of ensured compliance, through a team of committed experts and we strive to be long-term trusted partners of major innovative health organizations

Our Commitment

We comit to our mission and values of serving the lifesciences industry and the MEA region with the highest standards and efficiency, and our communities to global sustainable social responsibility causes support

Who We Are

About ClinGroup Holding

In 2002 we were taking the first step towards our first goal, Clinserv, Clinserv was first establish as a full-service solution provider for clinical research, is expanded in 2006 to the Middle East, then to Africa, then clin-pharm was perceived as the cutting edge research logistics and central laboratory full-service provider, after that ClinAcademy emerged as a model institution, have unique training and development in clinical research and healthcare programs with international recognition, later QSI was also established, to provide state-of-the-art solutions in quality development. After that came the launch of ClinFo1T, a life sciences information management and technology provider for healthcare, contributing to spread of genuine scientific knowledge through the region. And finally CRUise arose, as a first of its' kind structure, to assist institutions in launching specialized clinical research units through setting up all internal regulations and systems, staff training and education, and through the alignment of the institutions infrastructure, with all required qualifications. And we are moving forward with vision, innovation, quality, leadership, commitment, trust, transparency and social responsibility as fuel to ClinGroup Holder's Journey to become the absolute leader in providing solutions for the healthcare sector in the Middle East region



Clingroup Social Responsibility Comitment since its creation is supporting financially and morally, Hope Mohamad Cheaib Foundation is active in the MEA since 2008, on sutainable programs mainly in education, healthcare, hunger and women empowerment (for more information please viist www.hopemcf.org or contact info@hopemcf.org)




Since 2002, ClinServ is a Leading Full Service Solution Provider for Clinical Research in the Middle East and Africa with successful European – American Excellence and Expertise in providing clinical study support services for drugs / biologicals or medical devices during their development.


life sciences information management and technology provider for healthcare, contributing to spread of genuine scientific knowledge through the region , ClinFo1T proudly carries 15 years of International expertise and delivers a wide range of services and products to healthcare industry clients. Our unique range of services combining our international scientific & regulatory services history to the Middle East and Africa


The clinical research market of today is highly competitive so, it is crucial to overcome any obstacle presented by various local regulations affecting clinical trial logistics to reach critical trial milestones through the clinical development spectrum in the MEA region. ClinPharm with its cGMP compliant, and conducts clinical trials materials management in EEMEA


First IWA2 certified in the middle east. Success is the result of talent and opportunity coming together. One without the other is inadequate.Our goal is to grow well-rounded professionals that are on the cutting edge of skills and knowledge We provide comprehensive quality training programs in healthcare fields

Quality Systems International

Quality Systems International - (QSI), is a French innovative Company that provides support services and solutions in the Quality sector, focused mainly on healthcare and philanthropy, and to international community. QSI is continuously building trust and credibility by adopting and applying the highest standards.


Meet Our Team

Mr. Mohamed Embaby
Mr. Mohamed Embaby


Mohamed Embaby is a Swiss Egyptian renown entrepreneur started his career in 1987

Dr. Nadia Cheaib
Dr. Nadia Cheaib

Founder & Scientific President

Dr. Nadia Cheaib, is an International Healthcare Researcher Scientist, a Pioneer and Leader Social Entrepreneur. Dr. Cheaib is a Doctor in Pharmacy and medical research from France.

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