The Global Premier Liver Proxy CRO Ahgeer

Skilled in the unique aspects of Hepatic clinical development

Who are we

We are the fruit of the collaborations with ClinServ CRO, Elriah, and ALPA.
Clinserv is a renown multinational CRO with over 20 years expertise in over 50 countries.
Elriah, ALPA and its partners are renown international hepatologists network and dedicated sites.


Lead expertise and navigate the complexities to deliver life-changing therapies for hepatic diseases in African-Asian countries with the highest quality, compliance and integrity.


The global clinical development partner of pharmaceuticals, scientific societies and global hepatic alliances seeks to explore and go beyond the hurdles toward innovations for all.


As a therapeutically aligned CRO, we have the relevant and recent Hepatology experience in indications such as NASH, NAFLD, viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and HCC to successfully navigate the complexities and regulatory scrutiny often involved with these programs. Our experience, coupled with our strong relationships with KOLs and investigative sites, sets you up for long-term success 500,000 Liver patients Covering all communicable and non-communicable diseases


Our unique proactive feasibility provide us with a detailed database of highly qualified hepatologists with the experience and/or interest to be involved and their sites across all African –Asian countries in the clinical research world.
Our therapeutically aligned teams bring a strong understanding of the key aspects of study design and patient eligibility criteria as well as the ability to manage potential challenges and logistical requirements associated with screening and enrolling these often difficult to recruit patient populations.


  • Cumulative 60 years of liver & CRO international practices
  • GxP & 21 CFR Compliance & ISO certification
  • Over 100 international audits
  • Over 100 international sponsors
  • Full System Automation with GDPR Compliance
  • Services

  • Proxy expertise regulatory, medical & comprehensive management
  • Designing research program till product marketing authorization
  • Medical and regulatory writing from IMPD to CTD
  • Protocol, study and programs designs
  • Regulatory, Logistics,
  • Project Management and Monitoring
  • Pre-clinical and Clinical complete operations
  • Vigilance and medical monitoring
  • Data management and statistics
  • Data mining and big data management to artificial intelligence development
  • Laboratory analysis, PK, PD, modeling