CLINGROUP & QSI have been awarded the 2022 Go Global Award in the category Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year by the International Trade Council Washington. 


The event was held in Tallinn, Estonia, and over 500 firms from across the world attended, with over 8,000 competing for a spot in the prize categories. Over 29,000 business companies from over 170 countries are members of the International Trade Council. 


ClinGroup and QSI were proudly represented by Mr. Ali Jaber, CFO. 

Since its inception, social responsibility has been one of our core values. 

Over the last two decades, we have experienced several obstacles that we have transformed into strengths, armed with our philanthropic enthusiasm and a deep confidence in our strong corporate principles. 

Today, our twenty years of worldwide service, along with our compassion, is a blessing for which we are thankful, and we are delighted to see the world recognize it. 


ClinGroup is a pioneering French-Lebanese corporation in the fields of health engineering, consulting, and management (research and development, pre and post-marketing, regulatory affairs, health economics and vigilance). 

QSI is a leader in the design and management of quality systems, including quality consulting through certification and capacity building, as well as system digitization. 


ClinGroup and QSI are both present in over 50 African and Mediterranean nations. They both finance and support the Lebanese foundation Hope MCF, which acts as an umbrella NGO with many partner NGOs in several countries benefiting from it, through sustainable solutions and programs covering 11 SDGs, primarily in women's empowerment and health, education, social responsibility partnership, and so on. 


We dedicate this Award to all of our colleagues at ClinGroup, QSI, and Hope MCF who work with honesty, commitment, and value realization, to all partners who believe in us and to the memory of Mohamad Cheaib, our spiritual founder and high values initiator. 

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